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Everything we do starts with a personalized financial plan for clients. Not a 100-page document that is stale as soon as it hits the printer, but a real-time plan that can be accessed and revised anytime. It gives our clients a framework from which they can visualize not just their current situation, but other possible scenarios. Can you buy that vacation house? Can you retire early? Can you gift annual amounts to kids and grandkids? Should you be more aggressive or conservative with your investments? Our expertise and technology can help you confidently make these decisions.

Would you like to know when you can retire or what kind of lifestyle your retirement can support? We can help answer those questions.

We do a cash flow analysis for clients, allowing you to better understand what’s coming in, where it’s going out, and how that will affect your financial future.

Our powerful financial modelling technology can help illustrate other hypothetical plans too. Want to know what your plan looks like if you buy a bigger house? Or maybe see how downsizing and investing that equity can increase your spending power in retirement?

Investing in a tax-efficient way can have a significant impact on your after-tax returns over time. With a fair amount of crossover between investing and taxes, there are many opportunities for tax-efficient investment strategies.

We help you manage risk both in your portfolio and in life. We can give you a second opinion on your insurance coverage and needs.

Investable assets are often an important part of estate planning. We will work with your estate planning attorney to ensure your assets are properly registered and set up in accordance with your estate intentions.

Many clients have philanthropic interests. We can help you maximize your impact by optimizing the most efficient way to donate to charity from your investments.

Investment (or portfolio) management is the building of and care over our clients’ investment assets. The appropriate portfolio depends on a client’s personal goals which are explored during our financial planning process. The best portfolio is one where every investment dollar is working for our client and/or serving a specific purpose.

Wealth Management

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