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Meet the team!

Dan Pecaut
Chairman & CIO

Dan Pecaut, B.S. (Philosophy) Harvard, (1979). Dan is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Pecaut Wealth Management.Dan joined the firm in 1979 and has worked in various capacities for the firm over the years. Dan has written the Pecaut Newsletter since 1982.

Corey Wrenn
President & CEO

Corey Wrenn, B.S. (Business Administration) University of South Dakota, (1981) M.B.A (Business Administration) University of Nebraska at Omaha, (1989). Corey is the President and CEO of Pecaut Wealth Management. Before he joined the firm in 1992, he worked for Berkshire Hathaway in the audit and accounting areas for about 9 years, focusing primarily in the insurance subsidiaries. Prior to that, he obtained his CPA designation and worked for a local public accounting firm.

John Pecaut

John Pecaut, B.S. (Psychology) Iowa State University, (2008). John is the Vice President, COO, and CCO for Pecaut Wealth Management. After a lifelong tutelage in investing under his father and experience operating his own painting business franchise out of college, John joined Pecaut Wealth Management in 2009. After a brief hiatus beginning in late 2013, he rejoined the firm in 2016 as an advisor. John is proud to continue the legacy of a fourth generation family business for Pecaut Wealth Management.

Michael Gallagher
Vice President & Financial Advisor

Michael Gallagher, B.S. (Finance) Portland State University (2007). Mike is the Vice President and a Financial Advisor for Pecaut Wealth Management. Prior to joining Pecaut Wealth Management, Mike worked as a financial planner and portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley (2005-2015) and as a wealth advisor and the Director of Investments for a Pacific Northwest-based company (2015-2021). Mike earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2014. Mike is excited to be a part of the family business and leverage his expertise for additional and complementary client services.

Client Service Team

Rachel Weitzel
Client Accounts Manager
Ruby Welcher
Operations Manager

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